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Road Safety Education Wk 4

24th Jun 2020

Dear Parent,

During the month of June, we have been issuing a weekly task designed for you to work alongside and complete with your child/children in relation to a key road safety issue. So far we have covered child cycle safety (helmets), passenger safety (seat belts & child car seats) and pedestrian safety (Stop-Look-Listen / Green Cross Code).

Road Safety Education - Week 4

This week we are simply asking you to be aware of road safety issues concerning your child over the summer holidays and talk to them about their road safety and general safety.

It is very important that children are safe while out and about or playing during the summer months. Please take the opportunity of considering:

- where they are allowed to go and with whom
- unsafe places to play – footpath, road, railway tracks, rivers and other water courses;
- safer places to play – house, garden, play park or playground, park, beach (under supervision)
- if they live on a farm or are visiting relatives who own a farm – be especially aware of their proximity to machinery and vehicles, animals, slurry pits, round bales

In addition, there is a brand new activity book designed with topical themes associated with road safety that will hopefully act as an educational tool in the home over the months of July and August. There is an activity book for those aged 4-7 years and one for those aged 8-11 years.

Have a good summer but remember your road safety!

Armagh GAA
Eco School
Cumann Na Bunscol